In the Company of a Group

Groups are an essential and important feature of being human. From a tribe, to a village, city, or corporation, it’s our ability to organize that makes homo sapiens an incredibly successful species. Group behavior is responsible for what is best about being human — it allows us to care for each other and create our greatest art, science, and philosophy.

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Aligning Purpose

I’m sitting in my hotel after a day of work and feeling a bit down. Today, once again, I’ve encountered The Wall—one of the biggest problems businesses face. Once again, it’s left me worn out and struggling to find a meaningful next step.

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What my Husband and I NEVER Do: Uncommon Skills for Women On Their Leading Edge

It all started with Mariah Carey, who helped me see a very dangerous habit we humans engage in. A habit that kills our ability to take risks, achieve our dreams, and break new ground.

It had nothing to do with food, smoking, or alcohol abuse, but it totally impacts our health, happiness, impact on the world, and life satisfaction. It has everything to do with how we talk about other humans, their creativity, and their stories.

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