@ Your Company

Want to get your organization to Hell Yes? There are a few ways we help!

Lecture: a 60-minute keynote-style talk that teaches the framework and digs deep into the science of high-performing teams. This  works for groups of any size and can be broadcast via audio and video to remote participants.

Facilitator Workshop: a 2-hour interactive workshop for up to 25. This workshop is in-person and designed for managers and team leaders. Participants will leave the session ready to facilitate the conversation and get their teams to a Hell Yes!

Team Coaching: an interactive session for a single team of up to 10 people. We facilitate the conversation with your team to help them become more aligned. Exact timing depends on team size. 

Each session costs $10,000 + travel expenses. Through the end of 2018 sessions are free to any organization that purchases 100 or more print copies and provides travel expenses (availability limited so book soon!)