Alex and Bob offer a uniquely personal keynote talk for your next conference.The talk includes a deep dive into the theory and practice of great teamwork covering research done at Yale, Harvard, and at leading companies like Google and Spotify, into the ingredients of a high-performing teams. It also covers the psychology of great relationships from theorists like Amy Cuddy and John Gottman. Topics include trust, psychological safety, decision-making, and diversity.

The talk also includes an introduction to the Hell Yes framework and how it can be used to kick off new, or reset existing, teams. Alex and Bob offer examples from their work and personal life to make the process come alive — if time and format allows there will be a a real-time demonstration as well.

The session is suitable for audiences of any size and can be scaled from 30-60 minutes. All participants receive: the book, cheat sheet, facilitator’s guide, presentation slides, and access to a training video.

Contact us via the form for pricing and availability.